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November 29, 2011

Not for the weak hearted

"Look at your mistakes like battle scars and love each one dearly—failing at life is also about adoring your failures because they are etching you out as some sort of person. And even if you’re not entirely sure who that giant failure of a person might be, you’re pretty sure you like them, and besides, it’s been a whole lot of fun becoming them, which is the most perfect way to fail."

How to consistently fail in life, Thought Catalog

Haha. If there was a degree in Failness I would have graduated with First Class Honours. More on that later.

So.... I finished my A levels today. Milestone of my life. Somehow this fact only dawned upon me in the middle of a movie- I'm now an A level graduate. I am eighteen years old. Old enough to watch a M18 movie. Not a little kid anymore. Capable enough (and in need) to control my own life.

Wow. What an exciting journey ahead!

Pardon the sarcasm. I'm not one to plunge into the future without any hesitation.

Back to today- it felt like I just did A levels ten times, and all within two hours! *cold sweat* Most stressful period of my life I swear.

Hannah and I watched Immortals without having the slightest clue of what the movie was about!

What is wrong with me??? I want to go back to the past and punch the 7 o'clock me for being a nincompoop.

Anyway, after buying the ticket (which stated why the movie was M18, lol) and seeing the movie poster, we wimped out and wanted to sneak in to another theatre to watch Puss in Boots instead (lol) but we were caught...

Long story short. We got our tickets and IC checked twice before the cinema people decided to leave us alone. Lol no one believed that two little girls (or one, heh) had the guts to watch the #€$^! movie.

During the entire movie we were in AGONY. I was half shaking from the anxiety/intensity/violence (in my defence, it was super cold too), half wanting to burst out into laughter for being in such a ridiculous, fail situation. It was like, there was no holding back of blood AT ALL (and while I'm at it, some of the bloody scenes looked hilariously fake).

Such torture, it is immoral.

After the movie I was utterly defeated and my legs felt like jelly. Phew!

Well, call me a coward, but I consider this to be an even bigger accomplishment/ milestone of my life (at least for my weak heart).

Funny how all these fail in my life turn out to be the most memorable and exciting recollections, and stories to tell. Heh.

Time for some less stressful activity i.e. drama watching. Goodnight!

P.S. Don't think anyone here watches vampire diaries. But anyway, it was nice watching the immortal (hehe see what I did there) original vampire Klaus as one of the most bullied character in the film!

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