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November 27, 2011

Baby cant you see the look in my eyes

T-ara Cry cry performances
Glee's karaoke app
Malt candy sour plum lollipop and mochi
Free fruit juice
Range intruders
Going home at eleven
Chilly midnight breeze

The past few days have been spent doing multiple choice questions at a snail's pace, interspersed with some episodes of bu bu jing xin.

Thursday. Leen and my sleepover plan completely foiled T.T Pig the cat took a tour around the range for a bit! I will never forget this cat, who pranced across my econs notes during one of the common tests mugging days. Thank god it didn't pee on them!

Friday. Indulged in thaipan's tom yum soup and butter squid for dinner, which was yums but super oily!

Today we were going to smuggle some sashimi into Starbucks for dinner while studying but somehow ended up in a coffee tasting session for christmas blends. Best. Being auntie and all, we tried remembering the stuff they were telling us about the coffee (coffee still tastes gross to me, btw), but alas, our efforts 派不上用场. Cos they weren't giving out vouchers anymore for the quiz ): Lol.

Starbucks's peanut butter cake is really goooooooood. Mmmmmmmm~

I will miss days like this <3

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