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September 24, 2011

But if I dont come back, then I wont look behind me


It is one thing trying to find meaning in life, and another in facing life as it is. Lately I've felt like I've completely drifted off-course from things that really matter, taking a laid back approach- not just for prelims, but also how I deal with.. more things.. (pardon the ambiguity).

Isn't this what I'm best at? Shielding myself against hardship and challenges, wearing a Sensory Deprivator 5000 (himym reference) in face of struggles that lay ahead.

I cannot continue hiding anymore. There is no other feeling worse than regret and as much as this stupid brain is wired to be abnormally weak against the temptations of sims, tumblr, formspring, youtube, twitter, blogs, dramas (the list goes on)..

There has got to be a way to overcome this!!

I know there have been numerous attempts at self-motivation on this blog (all of which have failed, by the way), but I try. Hopefully this is helping someone out there to buck up? Lol we all wonder don't we.


I need focus. Yet at the same time I cannot stop wondering.

All this wondering is getting me nowhere, especially when I keep doing the wrong things at the wrong time registering things ten seconds after they happen and not thinking before I act.

Le sigh.

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