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September 18, 2011

5 stars, awaiting

Why is it that you mistake concern with ridicule, and everything that I seem to be doing is against all morals?

I just want to understand ):

In any case, prelims are halfway over. And I sometimes feel like knocking myself on the woodblock head for being such a lazy bum. Completely wasted my friday and Saturday doing nonsense.

"If you think discipline is painful, try regret."

Sigh. Just can't seem to get my act together. Thinking about so many things.

I think everything is just falling apart, y'know. One day we'll all just be making eye contact, no smiles, and when people ask, we'll just say, 'oh, just an ex-schoolmate. Nothing more.

What do I expect anyway.

Quote of the day: the mixture of people who cannot mix together. (Hannah) Seriously LOLed at this.

Okay got to go back to memorizing the huge chunk of planning questions for tomorrow. Just wanted to update because the blog has become stagnant.

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