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August 16, 2011

The story needs amending and a better happy ending

"...the quiet losses, the little deaths that litter your path when you begin the next stage of your life."

- Why Does Graduating From college Suck So Hard?, Thought Catalog

Today, Hannah and I (sort of, but not really) reminisced about some of the notable incidents in school (when we were supposed to be studying, oops).

The class we have, the type of class we wished we could have but are never going to get.

This is a bad time to feel sentimental but it has slowly dawned upon me that as we countdown to the ultimate showdown (hehe it rhymes), the days left of grumbling and feeling begrudged are too, quietly creeping away.

These are times where sentimental me will try desperately to cling on to whatever nostalgia I can get, take snapshots of secluded corners in school, observe, observe, and observe again.

Try to etch the funny, yet distant, moments in my mind, keep them in a wooden box, open them up again ten years later, chuckle and give out an inaudible sigh.

"...the hardest part about graduating college for me—no longer being in the same place as your friends. We’re all just so far away from each other now and some of us are successful and some of us aren’t and some of us are getting there and some of us may never get there."

How do I describe this feeling- when you take a deep breath and memories of this college life starts flooding in, breathe out as everyone carries on with their own little lives, some hundreds of miles away, some so near yet so far apart.

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