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August 10, 2011

Calendar girl

Caught up with the air rifle seniors yesterday. It's some of the things that make me not regret joining arc- the amazingly strong support and the lovely people, and one of the rare places where I feel a sense of belonging and identity.

Anyway! Being the youngest amongst everyone present made me feel like the monstrosity of A levels has been overblown.

Not saying that it isn't important of course- just that it has never (maybe only just slightly) occurred to me that there is a life out there after A's, a completely different chapter, away from things like national day celebrations, assemblies, childish guys (lol), uniforms.. just to name a few.

A new world with completely foreign things like 'gems', modules with weird codes, double degrees, honours, halls, 'market value' (lol) and bidding systems.

Things that sound intriguing to me (and qi haha) but are muttered over without much deliberation at all.

And then there are things which do not seem too different: fretting over group members for project work, the ratio-which-shall-not-be-named, CCAs, studying hard..

But what strikes me most is that although it looks like so much as changed over these two years, at the heart of it it feels like nothing has changed at all. These are still the same girls who've been through junior college, endured through the same tumultuous stress as us, then went on to cross the bridge that is post A's.

It's also heartening to know that things will always work out somehow at the end of the day- universal rule.

That is all.

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