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August 04, 2011

And there she goes again

And the nights are not long enough,

And life slips by like a field mouse,

Not even shaking the grass.

–Ezra Pound

It's when she actually announced her intentions aloud, that the practicality of her 'dreams' begin to touch ground. It was like creating something out of nothing and making herself responsible for it.

Side effects: crushed spirits, accountability. And no turning back.

On the other hand, as many things begin to fall into place, life becomes more real. Every action (or the lack of one) leads to a consequence, or a regret that will last for an eternity.

Remember this.

Maybe this is the time she's been waiting for- when reality really kicks in, subtly but yet so brutally.

When she starts to see things from a broader perspective, they change. She sees implications, things that she's been trying to avoid as she drifts away in clouds and plans that she never really gone out to accomplish.

She sees the world out there and how near she is from entering it, and it scares her a little.

With each day she carries the dreams of not just herself, but of her loved ones.

These aren't just dreams anymore, they are promises.

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