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July 10, 2011

An unsentimental goodbye

Bade farewell to a classmate on thursday.

I admire her, for having a great outlook on life, never daunted, unafraid of defying conventional ways. Qualities of which timid little me has much to work towards.

Although not the model student leader that is so often glorified by scholarship boards/ universities, she is a joy to be with, always bringing her smile and carefree personality everywhere she goes, and effortlessly capturing the hearts of the people around her. I sound like I'm writing her testimonial..

Farewell, Sally!

Had dinner at Hong Kong Cafe after school with the class (biggest turn out ever?). Took photos, laughed. Played charades sitting at the most awkward corner.

Awkward has to be my middle name.


The most interesting things happen precisely when people think you're not looking.

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P.S. Coincidence? I think not.

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