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June 17, 2011

But it kicks, yeah!

I feel laaaaaaazy vibes all over me. (click here if you do too)

The four huge piles of work are arranged in P C M E order and urging me that there is a HUGE opportunity cost in using the computer.. it is not obviously not doing its job.

Been listening to this song all day- at least twenty times I think! Love the lyrics and sometimes in the midst of (half-hearted) studying I just want to jump up and go 'but it kicks, yeah!'.

Slightly insane, I know.

But man these few days I've been dedicatedly digging my own grave of doom. (as illustrated below)

Playing wahjong, hours and hours in the computer lab tumblring to no end, reading girly teenage magazines in the library, checking twitter every 5 minutes (OCD), and the worst-

Staying up until 2 with my little bro, reading jokes from his 'horrid henry jokebook' and thinking of 4-syllable words to fit into the song 'Don't cry for me, ___ (previously Argentina)'.

I am secretly five years old.

Spent today going to bugis library which was full, then to tampines library, got lost on the way though it's my hundredth time there, went to read said magazines instead of studying, and back home.. damn retarded wasted four hours of my life.

Another thing is that I've just connected my dad's netbook to the tv monitor and am majorly impressed in seeing my own blog on the large screen.

Peace out. (trivia: the peace sign is considered vulgar in Britain)

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