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May 08, 2011

Love is the sky

1) #theawkwardmoment when you look up and realize that everyone's staring at you because you're the only person still eating. Also, #theawkwardmoment when you are tired and blur and turn around, only to have people burst out laughing at an expression on your face (which is apparently hilarious for a still-unknown reason).

2) Went for ICS night.. super super hilarious! The dances were good, and I seriously didn't know my classmate was so talented, tsk. I am kind of impressed haha. Totally didn't regret going at all although it was like half a day gone, 'cos it was a once in a lifetime opportunity! I shall stop because it is getting ambiguous without the context hehs.

3) Got called model student in class, haha BEST. Jokingly, but still, historical moment of my life so I must record it down (and carve it in stone lol). But damn paiseh, after that I kept giving the wrong answers T.T oh well. My moment of glory is gone but it was fun while it lasted..

4) Passed the last NAPFA of my life!!! Body still aching from it though ): Jumping backwards for SBJ (Y) Flab and fats here I come!

5) Sat at the same place from 9.30pm to 4am, watching tv, reading tweets and listening to the radio. Didn't even feel it was that long but that lack of sleep is taking its toll on me and causing a domino effect (i.e. perpetual sleepiness and lazzzzziness)

6) Gossip girl and vampire diaries are damn happening now OMG SO EXCITED. And Georgina Sparks is coming back in the season finale!! (gossip girl) So are Jesse St. James and Sunshine Corazon! (glee) All of my favorite characters ^^

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