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May 05, 2011

Non-political ranting

Firstly I must state that I'm a little grumpy these days because I have been trying to abstain from watching gossip girl and glee.


Honestly I haven't read so much news since the general elections. I just feel like it's an obligation, y'know? Like as a Singapore citizen, to watch the rallies and know about the issues and stuff. Then again I'm a global citizen too but I don't bother with global news, so. (and actually I haven't really been keeping up since the weekend cos of school.)

But it's still pretty amazing how people around me (i.e. twitter because I have no life) seem to be pretty well-informed too. Who says youths are apathetic?

I try to be open-minded about the issues that the opposition addressed.. but obviously these are what concerns people most. You can argue it out with long time benefits blah blah, but there are always people who fall through the cracks and end up being forgotten, while everyone basks in 'economic growth' and rising GDP and being top in whatever.

It also irks me when people just slam the opposition without any rhyme or reason. I mean like, if you read up on the policies and criticize constructively it is fine. But not just because they're opposition. After all who knows that they might do the job better? Not everyone in the opposition is inferior to those in the leading party.

And I salute those in the opposition because, at the bottom line, what they're doing is providing democracy and the right to vote to us, (given that most will vote for the leading party anyway, but at least there is a choice).

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