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May 25, 2011

Caramel popcorn is dope

Hello I'm back! Here to blog about my life other than nonsensical emo nonsense. Also an atypically long(er) post, with too many drops of bitterness to count.

It's been a pretty fulfilling week so far. Probably like the last week before the official crazy school mugging begins :(

-having a fear that this dozing bobbing girl beside me will suddenly fall on me..-

Monday: floorball boys finals
Tuesday: soccer girls finals

Don't know if it's just me, but why does it seem like the referee is always on the opposing team's side?! And I shall retreat my earlier (pretty mean) remarks about sports. I guess it's just that sports really brings people together.

Regardless whether it's because of the desire to win, or due to the oh-so-passionistic patriotism towards the school (which I obviously do no have), the atmosphere was intense. I found myself cheering the best that I could, although I honestly doubt that it makes much of a difference given the insane amount of people that this school sends for match support.

(and mind you, I can shout pretty darn loudly given my typical teeny voice)

Wednesday: Magic!

Other than the mini amusement from learning some tricks (and looking like a 'magic'-mugger because I was copying notes for my brothers who are obsessed with magic), it was heartening to learn about Project Smile, which is about spreading joy by teaching, then letting school kids perform magic tricks for the less privileged.

Come to think about it, magic and sports are one of the rare things that transcend language barriers and individual differences.

Oh and to the endless number of people who are 'pleasantly suprised' or simply exhilarated about the oh-so-very-precious bonding time with their class.. I have nothing to say, except to give this face-

..but that would just be acting cute.

Hardcore shopping with hannah after that and the worst thing is that after 5 hours, I still can't find a bloody decently looking (& also decently priced) bag.

Who knew shopping could be so torturing! I must either be:

(1) Too picky but I seriously doubt so, since I have an urge to grab bags off every other walking person on the street because I was so. Tired. From. Walking.

(2) Looking at the wrong places. Probably..? But I think I passed by at least 5 different c&k outlets so I suppose that's a pretty large scope already isn't it.

I also walked past city link 6 times today. Now I realise how ridiculously long it is.

Walao how like that Saturday leaving already!!

Okay bye tired I shall go home and watch the glee finale, which I heard sucked but then again what's new?

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