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April 04, 2011

Why so blooo?!

I'm bus blogging! Okay anyway all my results are finally given back and I'm actually quite far away from what I predicted myself to get lol: ASSES. was thinking it would be cool LOL but it's for the better hahaha.


A small part of me melted today when a teacher approached a student to drop to h1 and he went 'I'm going to cry already'. Don't know whether it was just a casual remark, but it struck me how this was a situation I worked all along NOT to be in, to have the cruel reality thrown at you.

(Disclaimer: dropping to h1 is not necessarily bad, but being forced to drop is a different thing altogether.)

This post is dedicated to shayne!(:

I always get small enlightenments when shooting.

I realized my shooting journey has been very much like my academic life.

Okay some parallels may come off quite lame but bear with me!

If you haven't already known, I use a really old-fashioned gun to shoot; as compared to the others, I use more energy to load the gun, I sweat a lot more.. and it tires the hell out of me. In schoolwork, that's how it is isn't it- to complete an assignment, people spent so much time and effort; others don't do so much as to lift a finger.

To shoot well, there are only two things that really matter: focus and technique.

Today, I think I had a mini breakthrough in shooting, granted that it was just based on ten shots. When aiming at a target, one has to be almost completely sure that the rifle will stay there when one pulls the trigger. It requires a great deal of concentration not only in the mind, but also in ensuring that your position stays completely stagnant.

It's increasingly becoming an extremely straining thing to do and I actually have a headache now from all the fatigue (from school too actually, no less) but it's somehow pretty rewarding at the end of the day.

-to be continued-

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