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April 20, 2011

Rants of the destressed


I have an evil twin. Whenever I take a nap and set alarms or ask my mum to wake me up later, it never happens.

Yesterday I slept at 9.30, and the next thing I know it's already 6 in the morning. My mum told me that I said I wanted to go back to sleep and even switched off my own alarms.. which I have no recollection AT ALL. What is this?! I think it might be an illness.

I try to escape from reality through sleep.

Chemistry spa yesterday was an utter nightmare.

For the first time in my life I learnt how to turn on the Bunsen burner properly (this is what you get from not taking o level spa). My solutions spurted out about five times, and I'm pretty sure it's the smallest flame I could ever get. Why doesn't it freaking boil properly?!

Majorly frustrated. Chem spa and I have zero chemistry. Pun intended.


I miss the slightly amusing, socially awkward moments. They didn't make much sense so I will just pretend that I dreamt them up.

A 'stay strong' from the most random is what keeps me going on in life.

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