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April 10, 2011

A downward spiral

eccedentesiast (n): A person who fakes a smile

Enough has been said, it's time to move on, and I don't really want to rationalise my thoughts out anymore, trying to search for explanations. Reminiscent of exco results huh. But I have to forget all these resentment, 'could have been's, and injustice because it's not worth the mental energy.

Trying to pretend that things are fine is not working. Yes I know they are, but.. there are so many things other than the grade alone.

I don't need consolation or nice words because they don't work on me. Not this time, not especially when sincerely will only be clouded by my own bitterness.

It's not right to have so much time, effort, and energy be stamped with a sub-standard chop. I feel so foolish.

If you describe this feeling as sad, then yes I am sad. But I'm not moping around, I neither will I cry over some stupid letter thrown at me.

Anyway, the remedy:

credit: wednesdaydreams@livejournal

(Jin Gook/Hye Mi!)

P.S. I know tutorial deadlines looming BUT ARGH WHATEVER A LEVELS CAN GO SHRIVEL UP SOMEWHERE FIRST. It can only screw with my life this much.

And dream high is too good to be true! I am soooooo lag.

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