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March 30, 2011

We move towards the stars

Alright shall just do a random post. I guess my frequency of blogging is one every five days now, haha.

Now playing: Drops of Jupiter by Train

It's nice to rediscover old songs. A while back a friend mentioned about it and I was like 'I've never heard it before in my life', but I went on YouTube and found out that it was just like the other hundreds of unnamed songs at the corner of my brain, tugging me back to the past.

I spent an obscene amount of time this afternoon watching a show called 'make it big', a competition between 3 florists to have a chance at an internship with someone big in the industry. Very, very random, I know. Coupled with the uni talk this morning, I got me thinking about.. a future life.

This is a topic that has been bugging on almost everyone's mind (I presume, other than people with the heck-care attitude whom I often get slightly disgruntled with), a conversation starter. Sometimes when I take a backseat and just think about how much and how fast we're all growing up (another bugging topic) into people who are about to really take charge of our own lives.

In a sense, I never truly understood the word 'maturity'. Hannah always goes like oh so-and-so's thinking is very mature (with a tingy bit of admiration if I may add) and I'm like, it's just another way of approaching an issue, coming from different sets of personality and upbringing, is it not? Somehow that opinion assumes higher superiority for reasons which.. well maybe I myself am not mature enough to know yet.

I guess maturity keeps me at bay, because what it means to me is higher accountability, and taking responsibility in making things right.

Went completely off-tangent with what I originally wanted to blog about- the plethora (hehe new word I learnt today) of course/ career options) but guess I'll have to leave that for another day.

Essentially, this is what I enjoy about blogging (or writing anything non-gp actually), to put my thoughts into words as they flow in all sorts of wild directions. Bad English, I know, and one that hardly makes any sense, but it's the closest to freedom I can get these days.

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