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March 11, 2011


lol @ Finn's face

Today is SUCH A GOOD DAY. Such a good day! It's really not that hard to make me happy although my blog posts have been proving otherwise, so for once I shall stop with the vagueness and tell you all about it :D

It's cross country (AGAIN) this year! I'm actually getting pretty tired of it though, but it was good, the sun was shining, it rained in the morning so it was oh-so-cooling and I ran! And ran.

And ran.

It was tiring because I haven't ran in AGES. I will though. This week. Really.

Number 2: Hannah and I went TOTALLY IN LUCK (seriously) and we went for bubble tea and a bit of shopping! Seriously best.

Reminds me of how we sometimes should just all take chances, every one that we've got.

And I was anti-social and went home. But the day didn't end there!

Oh yay~!

Watched two awesome movies: Burlesque and Tangled. SO DAMN GOOD! (and an episode of skins too) And I am basically still in front of the computer here after (what was it?) hmm. TWELVE FREAKING HOURS.

My A's are over. My life is over.

On a side note, the vj solaris logo is such a rip off from the kingdom's national (?) flag!!


/edit/ Ok now that I think about it.. not really.. /endedit/

Number 3: CTs ARE OUT OF THE WAY. Seriously seriously screwed it up. Major time. Please refer to the previous posts. And if you say you screwed it up too just shut up and move on, thank you very much. It can't be worse than mine.

During my chemistry and physics paper I was BORED. Staring into blank space because I couldn't do more than half of the questions, no point trying anyway cause...

Oh well.

More failure means only one thing: one room for improvement! Yay!


Motivation!!! To study! Which Eileen kind of pointed out doesn't really make direct sense. Which I also explained that how life sucks (everything until today.. and whatever after this holiday). So.

Kudos to the big motivation!

Number 5: I'm going shopping tomorrow!!!!! -Floats into a swirly twirly state of absolute bliss-

And the day after I'm going out again!

Nothing pleases me more than going out with good company ^^

So you see, I'm not asking for much.

Just some normality in my life.

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