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March 15, 2011

As we go on

It always saddens me how the past feels so distant away from me.

Primary school friends, secondary school classmates, cca mates.. it's like they're just a list of names, chucked away in a memory box categorised by years, full of neoprints, well wishes and weightless promises of 'let's keep in touch'.

It's like my recollections have faded up to the point that all there is left is a vague knowledge of the countless days in school together, projects accomplished, outings and movies once watched..

I wonder if it's because this me (of the present) is afraid of renewal, preferring to leave things as they are, fearful of spoiling the pristine memory that I've crafted up in favor of the past.

And often, I ponder whether whatever that's happened today will turn out to be the same as well in 10 years' time.

Regardless, I admire those who are able to say 'we've been friends since a decade ago'- shows how their friendship has morphed through the years into something that can withstand even time.

Someday I wish to have that as well.

Till then, I need to treat each treasured friendship I have with sincerity, hoping that it will emerge as a worthwhile commitment someday.

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