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February 14, 2011

You are my sweetest downfall

It's valentine's day today!

I know the bitter people all around go like, valentine's is only for couples, valentine's is commercialized etc etc, and I'm probably one of those people who do that very often.. and then there are people who are all self-righteous and all 'we can show love everyday, doesn't have to be valentine's' but seriously, who are you kidding?

Call me naive but I still believe in the magic of valentine's. Amidst all the sweets and chocolates, attention-grabbing balloons and flowers, it's knowing someone remembered you on this day that really matters.

It's a pretty special feeling, when everyone's just giving out sweets to anyone they meet (sorry but I don't buy into that), and out of nowhere a note or flower addressed to you pops up.

I wouldn't know because I'm not in the receiving end, but I sure hope it is for everyone else. And anyway I feel contented too, when what I do is appreciated- even with the smallest thankyous and iloveyous.

So that's my take on this special day!

pig-rabbit loves you!

It's pretty sad that I didn't really have the desire to do anything today for the class- blame chemistry test and how I didn't feel inclined to do anything.. just because.

Sweet day nonetheless, just because it's me and I go awww over stupid things like this (amongst other things which I shan't say here^^).

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