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February 03, 2011

Year of the Rabbit


I need to be in my game on mode.

..soon enough! I think. I hope.

Anyway it was a pretty good lunar new year's eve, the day didn't start out so good because I missed like 2 buses, the next one took like 20 minutes to come and it was so late and everything... so I hailed a cab with some other desperate victorians. Lol.

Well and thus for the past 3 years I still haven't been caught late! (although I might been late for more than 10 times already.. there's always a way to get around things ^^)

School.. fast forward.

So I'm at m'sia now and 2 hours ago I just watched the most AMAZING fireworks ever! The house opposite us bought this big carton of whatever-chemicals-fireworks-are-made-up-of, and you have to look up to see them exploding (?) right above- nice!! Because it was so low (probably quite dangerous too) it looked like the whole sky was filled.


okay I koped this from tumblr but still.. idea is there

Happy CNY!

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