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February 01, 2011


The last few days have been spent mostly at home, school ends early (oh joy) so there's really not much to do than to bask around in dawdliness, with the ever-so-slight guilt at the back of my mind.

Feels so, so good through. People say that this is the ONLY break we (by we I mean JC2s) are going to get till after a levels, so why not right.. right?!

Plus it's so damn nice taking a break from stupid school, stupid unresolved things that I keep running away from.


This is probably very weird but I kind of like talking in mandarin to friends.. sometimes. Maybe it feels more cordial (warm and sincere), reminds me of the kind of relationship that I had during my anglican high days. And it's so much less vulgar!

Doesn't mean that I enjoy learning/ having non-chinese lessons in mandarin though..


Going to malaysia tomorrow for Chinese new year! Yay to fire crackers and mini-fireworks that are illegal in Singapore and OVERNIGHT MAHJONG :D Hopefully m'sia has awesome cool weather too I love the weather nowadays! Soooooo chilly (Y)

Well but that's after going to school.. seriously who the hell does volunteer work with their junior class on the first day of meeting them? Oh, but what do I care.


I keep to my proposition that Cobb is still in limbo.

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