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February 07, 2011


How to spot if someone is not genuine

Not entirely foolproof ways, just observations and actions (which I am sometimes guilty of).

  1. When you ask someone to lend or return you something, response: "Remind me again!".

    This shows that the person cannot be bothered to make the effort to remember. After all, how difficult is it to make a note on his/her planner, if not, handphone?

    Truthfully, sometimes I say that to push the responsibility of bringing the above aforementioned item to the other party, secretly hoping that he/she completely forgets about it and it won't even be my fault.

    But I am trying to change this habit!

  2. When someone asks you a question (of concern, or really just any question in general):

    You know that he/she's just asking for the sake of it if he/she completely switches off when you answer, or doesn't even wait for you to finish before starting on an entirely new topic.

    Simple things like, 'how was your day', and when you are telling this person about this fantastic new cat you just brought, he/she starts talking about his/her own plans. Random example but still. Completely turns me off, really.

    I read somewhere that the 2 worst things that introverts hate are (1) Introducing oneself (2) Repeating oneself. I'm going to add one more to the list which is (3) Being cut off in the middle of a sentence.

Have no idea why the font size is so obscenely big. I don't usually blog about this sort of judgmental stuff, but just wanted to take note of it. PLUS, (to sally) blogging improves writing improves GP! Muahaha 8D


Seniors meet juniors was kind of fun today I guess. At least the junior class seems promising enough. Double wacko! I'm usually quite good at it but got called up 2 times today-.- Monday blues, after all I was supposed to have one more hour of sleep! Grr.



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