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February 09, 2011

Blue, the color of our planet from far, far away

Sometimes I think about why I'm always neither here nor there- not doing things wholeheartedly when I really had a chance at it, taking a backseat and watching everything happen right before my eyes.

Maybe I'm made to be submissive, quiet, softspoken, silent, passive- all these labels thrown at me just because of a preference to keep my opinions to myself.

It isn't fair- when I wish that I could be someone less uptight, but what confuses me is that whether this is something that is already ingrained into my personality, or that I'm just not strong enough to voice out?

Truth is, comments, comebacks and snide remarks appear in my head all the time but they get censored off all too often (too rude, too act-cute, too bimbo..) Either that or I just really have no opinions at all.

But would I rather be nothing or be judged? Guess I chose the former.


Walked around the school after lessons today, heart full of scorn. But so be it, life is already hard enough as it is.

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