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February 27, 2011


Shall blog in a more realistic context.

I am the extremity of how someone is able to waste so much time, with the common tests looming in. I do study, I stopped all my drama watching (5 episodes lag argh) but I have absolutely no control online. Almost 5 hours, and I am nowhere near to completing my gp essay.

When I'm online, I choose to forget about things that bother me, to hide my stress into a closed vessel that is the outside world.

Stopped complaining on twitter because I hate it when people whine and whine and whine about homework and all (exactly what I'm doing now). Not that a lot of people read this place anyway.

Also know that I'm seriously very screwed for ct1s, and suddenly everyone around me is like all super enthusiastic about doing well :/ I am scared, but I am never the type who gets pushed on by looking at other people progressing. These 3-minutes-long ct1 terror attacks need to stop coming at me.


Same old complains, same old rants. A level results are about to come out, and honestly I'm very anxious for pw and chinese. Perhaps not so on the surface, but I believe my results will make a significantly large impact on me, however good or bad they turn out to be.

Just like every other small thing that no one seems to care about.

I find myself very annoyed with people who are high-spirited. Sometimes it's a selfish mindset that goes: why should you be happy when I can't be?


I have to stop deceiving myself. Niceness is simply a language spoken through actions.

P.S. Am actually very looking forward to next week's tuition. Need more adrenaline rushes to keep me going.

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