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January 01, 2011

Tell me, when will my life begin?

I realised my new year resolutions for 2010 (here) were damn childish and most of all, ALL BROKEN. Such a failure in life I am so ashamed.. T.T

I guess it was because 2010 felt like a fresh new beginning, with a new class and stuff (so weird talking about 2010 in past tense) and I wanted to be some (highly unrealistic) model student, but le sigh, having taken a leap to 2011, I still am the same old lazy bum typing in front of the screen now.

Anyways! I'm going to keep to my 2011 resolutions! Here goes:
  1. Take down my lecture notes & do my tutorials in legible handwriting.

  2. Not mousehunt/tweet/facebook/daydream and worst of all, SLEEP in class.

  3. Exercise at least once a week, not counting PE!

  4. NOT PROCRASTINATE- do all my freaking tutorials on time and stop cheating for e-assessments..

  5. Don't OVERTHINK/EMO so much & be less bitter about everything.

  6. Keep to schedules.

  7. READ.

  8. Hit personal best (in rifle) of at least 370!

  9. I probably still need to talk more, zzz.. but yeah whatever.

  10. Be kinder to the people around me & stop secretly giving people death glares, ha, ha, ha. Also SMILE when in actual fact I feel like cleaving someone's head into two pieces with an axe... I have violent tendencies RAWR.
2011 is in no way going to be a 'happy new year', and I'm already getting cold feet thinking about a levels! (last major exam was psle, like what-.-)

But ah well, we'll see how things go from here.

P.S. Most likely don't really mean this but I hope there's going to be an apocalypse in 2012 so 2011 can be.. without consequences, since we're all gonna die anyway. -Evil-

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