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January 11, 2011

Sometimes all I do is watch the sky

It's been a pretty good start to the new school year. I've been consciously working on my resolutions, and I sure hope that it continues being this way.

I've been all fine and dandy with everything's that's going on... but it's hard putting on that smile, instead of going, 'please shut up I've had enough of your cheap-thrill and VERY repetitive humor (or fascination???)'. Tempting thought. But no I'm not here to complain, although I sure hope it dies down soon.

I am nice.

I've also resisted all temptations to fall asleep during math lecture today.. and the wireless was down so my ipod became redundant. Good it should continue to be that way.. NOOOO

So yeah, it's a good start. Prep talks in lectures scare me, but not enough to make me start doing work. Half days are awesome to slack, and now I'm going off to find some ice cream.

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