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January 14, 2011

Lonely crowd

Hello, I think I'm back to the low-spirited me again.

It's far too taxing to do the wide-and-full-of-energy-eyed thing & to keep the slight smile there in school all the time. That kind of energy should be used for study instead, haha. I still try, it but comes out kind of awkward.. so. Pardon me if my default face doesn't look so friendly.

I have also even up on doing away with death glares, they are far too therapeutic in releasing pent-up annoyed-ness in me, pre-empting an explosive jing, hurhur.

Aha, !st week of the year, accomplished!
  • Had arc jts at seoul garden on wednesday- same place, same food, same ridiculous price as last year's jts
  • Somehow became the class' treasurer
  • Ronza!
  • Travelled to yishun and back and wasting a total of 5 hours. -ANGRY- Irresponsible or irresponsible?
  • Tragically lagging behind homework
I also ran in the rain looking like a retard because I was in PE and holding an umbrella.. I don't have an obsessive exercise disorder, I was just running back to school to take my wallet -.-

I should stop reaching school too early in the morning. Being in the canteen reminds me of the lonely crowd, and I hate it when all these negativeness rushes inside me, like how the buzzing noise invades my brain, making it hard to think of anything else. (other than..)

Then it stays with me for the rest of the day, and hence [go back to top of post].

/edit/ Change of background to fit the song(:

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