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January 09, 2011

I always thought Aspirin sounded pretty

Taking a (3 hour) break from doing stupid econs.

I was thinking, in the age we live in today, we seem to be assessed based on EVERYTHING we do. Whatever that people claim to be their so called 'passions' and pursuits.. At the end of the day they just boil down to having nice testimonials and a colorful resume.

Perhaps I'm being cynical and doubting whoever that's following their hearts or whatever.

I just find it ridiculous that even our interests are being valued today. (random example) So someone loves to dance vs someone who likes to watch movies. Somehow the dancer would always leave a better impression, earn more points from academic people when he/she talk about his/her experiences.

How is it that both people are simply doing what they enjoy, yet the movie person will just be deemed by others for wasting time, and forced to do something that is apparently 'more constructive'?

Similarly, between a rugby player and a golf player, in a school setting, everyone will always applaud the rugby player for putting in more blood, tears and sweat. How is it that when both players spend equal amounts of time and effort, the poor golfer is always assumed to be lazing around just because it isn't as physically demanding?

Just because I'm soft-spoken doesn't make me uninitiated. This world has to stop stereotyping people.

Break over. Time to get back to econs.

Tomorrow will be the start of a mad rush.

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