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January 16, 2011

Back to December

I'm not supposed to blog so often but something just came into my mind.. and usually things that pop into my mind out of the blue are like deeeeeeeep (if not, moody) posts that start with 'sometimes', don't make sense and only makes it seem like I'm a some bothered soul.

In any case, I shall carry on.

I often wonder why some people can be perpetually happy all the time. You know when a name pops into your mind, the first mental image you have of these people will be a face wtih a bigass smile, like :D

I actually do admire (and sometimes get jealous) of how the 'mr. and little miss happy's are able to stay so positive, and be so ridiculously nice to everyone under the sun. Is there some unknown energy that drives them on and keeps them so high?

The extreme end of the spectrum of the people I'm referring to is spongebob squarepants, hahaha. Other than the crazy enthusiasm he has (sometimes I wonder if he's on drugs), it's the purity of his heart (omg now i sound lame) that keeps me in awe.

Of course, he's a fictional character, but what I mean is that sometimes I delve into so many layers when things are supposed to be so simple. When all that was intended was fun and learning, I turn it into twisted thoughts of cheating, unfairness, compromise, and argh, another round of the vicious cycle of my sad life story.

Then all there's left of it is a dreaded date on my calendar.

Sometimes I wonder why I have to be this way. Whether it's me or how my life is planned out in such a pathetic way. But I don't have to be so resentful all the time, right? (Ironically as you realise that's exactly what I'm doing now.)

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