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September 28, 2010

4 more to go

Initial reaction: SO CUTE.

After that: Zomg what the hell what are they doing in the middle of the road pda-ing! Totally inconsiderate.


I like this quote: "Before you actually take the exam, ANYTHING CAN CHANGE."

Pretty much screwed up my econs paper, passing? Maybe a 20% probability.

BOOYA. I think I'm on a failing streak. And the worst thing is I don't even want to study anymore, been watching tv and on the computer for hours. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

On a side note, new episodes or gossipgirl today and glee tomorrow!!


P.S. The stupid song 'the only exception' is stuck in my head, get it out!!! The chorus keeps playing over and over again, 'you are the only exception, you are the only exception, you are the only exception' times infinity. =.= Me no likes paramore.

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September 22, 2010

My fringe damn fail


POSTING RANDOM NONSENSE. (Terrible english below, I know.)

I tell you I seriously is 找死 one lor 3/2 (?) days to promos then I still online for 3 hours doing nothing. Okay, I was watching gossipgirl, taylor swift's new-but-quite-old music video and roaming around youtube, watched all the parts to the Glee 8-bit interactive video DAMN GOOD I TELL YOU (LINK!), and this COOL video!!. Yeah and watching celeb news (which is quite atypical of me to follow...)

Started out today like a living zombie because I really felt sick until like want to die already didn't even feel like going to school. But still dragged myself there..

Stress talk damn lame, all the nonsense about being able to change your circumstances if you believe, or whatever crap, makes me feel like punching someone. YOU TRY LA SEE HOW YOU CHANGE YOUR FREAKING MINDSET.

But ok la the guy was quite funny, and the stuff he says is like theoretically true, but in reality.. abit difficult sia. OKAY, CENTEREDNESS HERE I COME.

The stress card fail: Tip- breathe in breathe out. Running nose la how to breathe!?! Lol.

Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeenie came to crash and suddenly I felt more alive LOL. Haha leen you have curing abilities!

LOVE (the rest of) TODAY, spent loads of time with my two darlings, to study, no less. But a bit the fail la ;/ Oh well. Feels accomplished anyway I THINKKKK.

Haha damn funny haven't laughed so much in a long time! (I know my life damn sad). But aiya I miss yall so much!! And all the ip nonsense hahaha omg feels like back to the old days! Okay I sound old.

What the hell am I still writing here for OK MUST GO SLEEP. 2.30 already OMG HOW!!

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September 19, 2010

JC life sucks

If I was free to do whatever I wanna do now, I will

start watching Vampire diaries/ how i met your mother/ big bang theory,

change my blogskin,

design a new one for arc,

hunt for photoshop stocks and learn new techniques,


finish off all the movies in my computer,

revamp my room,

stock up on my scrapbook collection,

make cutesy cards for everyone,

learn how to cook,

learn how to sew,

spend more time with the people I love.

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I am not working hard enough. I think I've already lost the drive I had one month ago.

I feel lost, insecure, and useless.

Ok I know this is turning into a shitty post.

It's like, I already did the chapters a few weeks ago and now I've forgotten everything! So pissed off with myself.

I think it's how this stupid JC system works, when you've fallen it's so difficult to get back up again. I feel like I'm being drowned, struggling to gasp for air. Being trapped in the company of 'E's, 'S's, and 'U's.

I think I'm already expected to perform at that standard, and the worst thing is, I keep thinking that I will get those grades! I don't know why my confidence level is so shitty argh.

And then it's like people are going, 'ok la don't aim too high for promos, AABC can already', and I'm like, is that even humanely possible?!? Slap you already can, wlao not high your head la.

I look at you, everything just seems so easy. It's like you complain about getting 'C's, about taking H3, and I can't stand it that we seem to belong to different worlds, yet we go through the same tutorials and lectures. I hate that I can't help but compare our grades everytime something is given out, and no doubt feel shitty about myself.

The practice papers are no help. I get almost like 80% for the things wrong due to carelessness. Seriously, I feel like stabbing myself. For every question I complete, I'm only like 50% sure that it's correct. Think I should spend half of my time checking my answers rather than completing the paper.

Sometimes I think that I'm already fairly okay, I look at the papers and they look like gibberish to me, like, were those stuff even taught?

Don't know if anything is worth it anymore.

What a way to think 5 days to promos.

And I just wasted an hour online for nothing.

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September 14, 2010

Learning history in chinese

I'm having chinese now & i'm boreeed.

Damn sian ytd i spent like more than half the time worrying and planning all the things to be done-.- Which is impossible to finish even if i had 30 days..

Being on msn so fun but cannot study): Bahh.

Was hyperventilating yesterday when my one page summary of market failure went missing! Every inch of the paper had something. It flew under the cupboard like O.o

Random rants, my teacher is talking about bounded feet now.

Assembly was damn amusing.

(Blogged from my phone.)

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September 11, 2010

Are you calling me darling?


Supposed to start work at 6.. woke up at 8 and I'm using the computer till 9.

Been tumblring.. bombarded with Vampire Diaries' stuff I WANNA WATCH! Ahh, self-control, self-discipline Jing.

Study session with Qi and leen on thursday (L) AHH MISS YOU GIRLS. And I'm not even kidding. It's only when we met up and talked and laughed.. that I realised I missed their company so much. Miss the company of girlfriends (note: plural) to be with.

Infinity sighs.


I'm terrible. There are a whole lot of work I haven't done.. and I'm still lazing around. It's like whenever I finish a chapter/ work, I'm reluctant to go on to the next one. To be immersed in the frantic mood that what we know as the pre-promos syndrome.

I watch television, turn on the computer (tumblr, facebook, twitter- my three best friends online), and completely detach myself from the fact that there's only a few more days left.

Guess I ought to go back to the wonders of SHM now. And I haven't even started on econs, gosh.

P.S. Was listening to That's not my name by the ting tings & I realised the background voice says "Are you calling me darling?" Omg all along I just thought it was just lyrics-less music! Haha random.

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September 08, 2010

You say goodbye, and I say hello

No, I do not like this funny pairing, nor twilight, nor the likes of Taylor Lautner, but this is a sweet photo nonetheless. Just look at the teddy bear and go: SQUEE!

I am going on a blogging marathon. But after blogging this post, I swear, I will clear up my room and indulge in the delightful knowledge that is called economics.

Hahaha my language is all funny.

Since waking up today- I have not written a single word, technically- this does not count. Meaning, I haven't studied AT ALL although it's just what..? 16 days left. I think.

Brought my pesky little brothers to the Alive exhibition at D'tent @ downtown east, where we were amused with animated paintings, very insightful- although all the time I was thinking that the very idea itself makes a very promising PW project- talking mona-lisa, 3D short clips and all. The horror.

Still, it was interesting learning about Greek paintings and contemporary art, for example the geometric-squarish painting splashed with red and blue and white yellow.. of which I do not remember the name. The only reason I remembered it was because my Sims characters were drawing it.. sorry if I sound ignorant.

We headed to Tampines mall, for NUBOX! Which is my self-proclaimed favorite shop EVER- simply because it houses the -BEHOLD- ipad (!). Haha lame.

Then next we stayed at Toys'R'us (I can never get the name- toys are us? Huh?) and stayed there for TWO WHOLE HOURS. Oh my god, I swear people can turn insane just being in there. Or well, at least I was. Hahaha. I heard the same high school musical song for at least 20 times, and I was singing aloud the glee song 'hello goodbye' with (too) much vitality.

You say yes, I say no you say stop and I say go go go!

And when my mum came, I was going 'I WANT THIS & I WANT THAT' at every thing that caught my attention. Hehehehehee. Insane or what I ask you.

Was hugging a giant patrick star all the time! (:

Had lunch at macs, and went hunting for a sportshoe-a failed search AGAIN. Blah, wasted another 2 hours. et my eyes on a babyblue nike shoe, which was really over the budget but. Just. Too. Pretty.

And my mum had to brainwash me into thinking about all the dirt and grime that would.. uglify it at the end of the day. Bother ):

Oh and I painted my nail glittery pink at the face shop. Me likey ^^

Next stop: Tamp library and borrowed 'the lovely bones' by Alice sebold, hurray! God knows if I'll ever have time to finish it but oh well.

Today was a fun day(:

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No strings attached.

Heehee finn's awkward face! (L) Sums up my day totally, lol.

-long pause to finish up physics eassessment-

Today (or yesterday) was an interesting day. Hahahahahaha. -laughs to self- It's 3.21am and I'm delirious. Why am I still up? Crazy girl.

Anyway, this irrational (note: econs) choice I made caused me to have a (sorta) productive session at the library! Oh goody goody. Now I know that tangent theta is v square over r g and hope it'll stay inside my teeny brain till the last day of promos.

It was nice, hmmmmmmmmmmmm, being away from things I'm comfortable with. Like you know, sometimes you just need a break from everything that's bogging down on your life? Ok this is getting weird.


-continues giggling with laughter-


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September 06, 2010

You cry out loud when you’re reckless in the dark.

I suppose people are already getting tired of me saying this, but:

I STAYED AWAKE FOR 27 HOURS STRAIGHT! No prizes for guessing what I was doing.

Teeheehee. (Not really, I feel quite terrible now my body clock is screwed up.)

Being obsessed over the metro colour scheme, and feeling ridiculously annoyed when the report ends up mixing with the ugly office colours. Such is life of a computer geek!


It's so difficult to express my feelings sometimes. I think I've given up turning away from this space, because it's the only place I get some form of solitude.

I know the word happy is getting a little overused, but I realise that I'm never ever completely satisfied with contexts that I'm in. I complain all the time, wishing I was somewhere else instead of here, and the next moment wishing things to be the other way around.

Woke up from a 6 hours nap, and feeling hazed because.. there goes day 18. The 8 hours a day quota has not been met for 3 days already, so that's 24 hours lagging behind time. What to do what to do? I think I'll most likely be failing all the way through again ):

Circular motion makes not any sense to me although I've already done it last year.


Yes, I actually came here to vent some frustration.

Do you know how it is so _ing annoying when you throw fits for no particular reason? And I won't want to end up with you for the world because you don't listen. You never do. Whatever you do is always right and why do you always get to have the final say? You don't deserve their respect.

Oh and by the way, I hate your sense of aesthetics.


This is what keeps me sane, putting on a facade that protects this friendship.

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September 03, 2010

Crystal ball show me the light tell me what to do

Before I do off to bathe.

I feel like crashing down, to cry in someone arms and have everything turn out right. Wish I was a kid again to have things be so simple.

I'm having a moodswing, by the way.

There it is, the final draft.

I'm tired of giving work that I know is substandard but just lack the motivation to improve it (and possibly bringing about a paradigm shift).

I want to do it well. Maybe that's just the way I am because deep down I'm a perfectionist. Or used to be. But is it worth it anymore?

Two draft, one final one to go. It's too late to realise this.

No one is helping us. Obviously she doesn't give a crap about it because that's the way it is. The world is unfair and somehow the bad side always tends towards me.


I bought a pack of jellybeans and another econs guidebook today.

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