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December 23, 2010


Yah so, I recently made some purchases on Welovezakka.com!

This is not really an advert.. I'm just kind of excited because it's my first online purchase, sense of novelty haha.

And if you know me, I absolutely LOVE this kind of pretty things, like notebooks and I'm totally obsessed with schedule books!

Ta-da~ I like how the layout is really clean and simple.

I'm quite pleased with their service. Because I asked for a meet-up, there was quite a few emails back and forth. Being a mega flop at reaching foreign places (uhum uhum walking two hours in the rain looking for an old folk's home), I asked for directions and they were quite patient with me.

And I think I was really mafan with like 3 separate orders (fickle-minded me + sally haha), but I was glad they entertained us.

Really nice people(:


So here are the purchases! Bored so I photoshopped the pictures (using tips from natalie's tumblr), hover over them to see the original. Think they're too red but ah well.

I also made the effort to take a blogshop-worthy picture okay! With props and stuff lol.

I-pocket (buy)

I acutally saw this in parkway stationary shop selling at $30+, not sure if it's the same one though (or an imitation hmmmmm). Should have bought another colour, this looks like black): But at least it is big enough to store both my itouch and handphone!

Other random items haha.

Only thing was that I waited really long to collect my items yesterday, after my meticulous attempt to reach the place without getting lost. My bad, should have called, but I was too distracted with watching skk scandal!

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