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December 02, 2010

Vietnam trip diary

Thus is day four of my vietnam trip. I miss home as much as ever, and ohhh the world wide web! ):

In Vietnam the food weren't as nice as I remembered it, gosh we almost had cooked chicken for almost every meal. Plus their chicken are like for training mouth muscles or something I swear, I almost had muscle cramps while eating them, and my teeth are hurting now. All the food they eat- beef, duck, pork are super duper tense!

Small note: I hate the guava in Vietnam and I think all guavas in general now, god they feed us with guavas all the time, especially for dinner! It is hard and tasteless and should not be made for human consumption without the sour seasoning.

School visiting is interesting- we had some performances which were really impromptu. In one school they had a food tasting session, and the girl that showed he around was really nice, really like her. Because I was like super quiet and standing at a corner sulking- in the typical Jingxin fashion, she was pretty enthusiastic in introducing varies food to me, this sticky rice thing for weddings, sour mango, starfruit, and this fried roti prata thing. When we left they gave us loads of presents: Vietnamese souvenirs, mostly. How thoughtful of them. (:

In contrast, there was this over-enthusiatic school that completely had me dumbfounded. When we stepped into the classroom, the students were like... Say like in 'the mummy', those bugs that totally consume the evil guy in the pyramid? Felt like something like that, like we were about to be consumed or something. Lihn (vietnam scholar) was going, 'we have to stay together!', felt was if we were in a disaster-.-


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