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December 16, 2010

Toy cameras

In this day and age, where dslrs and all sorts of pro cameras sprout out and suddenly almost everyone are into photography, I can't help but yearn for one myself, to take crystal-clear images and experiment with all kinds of camera functions.

I guess it's because I will never buy a pro camera myself, that I begin to think that everyone (including myself) is beginning to give too much obsession for those high definition pictures.

Doesn't the beauty of photography lie in capturing the moment and the sentiments behind it? Surely one doesn't need a billion pixels to do that (although it might help in printing..)

Sometimes grainy photographs bring out a different effect in itself.

I think I have fallen in love with lomography. Spent hours today pouring though the web, looking at how this small little thing is able to take such lovely and vintage-looking pictures.

Nico Digi toy camera

Ahh isn't it so super adorable!

For now, I shall stick to using the vintage photo app on my itouch :/


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