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December 28, 2010

she was the still point of the turning world

Okokajo, I don't wanna be a J2! I'm absolutely terrified of having responsibilities and expectations put on me, I don't want to worry and be stressed! ):

Ah but such is life.

Everytime I take out my economics notes and lay them out nicely (believe me I do that very often), I just stare at them. I don't dare to start studying, because once I immerse myself into piles and piles of work and the terror that is known as rpaper (of which I have no idea why I voluntarily sign myself up for), I won't be able to continue living in the delusional bubble of this carefree life.. which involves studying at a snail-pace of around 2 integration questions per day.


Christmas was spent humbly, went on a shopping trip with mum to buy Christmas presents for the whole family. I finally got a pair of sport shoes, after 2 freaking years, can you believe it! 2 years of having PE and PT in shitty shoes-.-

Well, Christmas signifies nearing the end of the year, and it has always confounded me why people like to celebrate countdowns and the start of new years. I think I come off as a really negative person :/

Don't know how I'm going to survive through 2011.


Being on facebook makes me feel like a omniscient being, watching everything that goes on in others' lives, sometimes almost feeling as if I'm part of it.

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