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December 12, 2010

Never good enough

Sorry for the lack of updates lately- my life has been full of void, and I am just either (1) too lazy to blog, or (2) have nothing to blog about.

But, being the dedicated blogger that I am, I thought about things to blog about while shooting today! You have no idea how boring shooting can be.. I was at my 80+ shot already with 20 minutes left.. trapped in a heavy suit and numb feet.

Shooting ain't that cool sometimes. Haha.


My vietnam post isn't completed! Can't remember much of it already :/

The night market on the last night was probably the most enjoyable, haha it was fun! Albeit very nerve-wrecking, having to be on high alert for.. let's just say 'scary people'.

The boat cruise was nice too! Normally I couldn't care less about sceneries and what-not, but ha long bay is just... woah. Can't exactly say it was breathtaking, but it really makes one feel a sense of tranquility. Being on the top deck of the ship was nice, just meditating for a little while and listening to the breeze.

Photo credit to Mr Willam Wong

Oh, it was an utter joke when the guys crashed our hotel room! And the dinner on the first night at hanoi! So super funny, hahahahahahhahaha. (oh i think they were both on the same day)

It just a.. different kind of humor i guess. Something that I've missed since 2009.

Well, I suppose this trip will probably be the last time I feel this way again :'(

Photo credit to Mr Willam Wong


On friday there was karaoke with the rifle seniors!

I still can't decide whether I'd rather chinese or korean songs to infiltrate my pure-english singing songs.. at least I can sing to chinese songs?

They should have glee songs on karaoke! Like seriously! It's so easy, just cut off scenes from the drama and add lyrics. Totally awesome~ hahahaha.

I should quit school and open a glee-karaoke franchise^^

Anyway, it was fun, nevertheless, karaoke is always fun!

Oh now I need to find another pretty picture..

Here you go^^


Aiya, I should just post real pictures already :/

I have an invitational shoot tomorrow morning and it's already so late (1.30am), OMG! Special orders from above (to sleep early AND not eat chocolate).. all not adhered too :X

Wish me luck!


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