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December 05, 2010


Is it possible to want to do something right for once so badly, but fall prey, all the time, to mindless addictions? I hate this no disclipline and drive person in me so badly.

Another day gone, not a lot of time left in this seemingly endless 'december holiday' that really isn't a holiday at all.

Like, I can't even slack productively. Today, I spent the entire day watching a grand total of 2 episodes of glee, 1 gossipgirl and half of gumiho. The other times were spent losing myself on the internet reading tumblr and twitter, and reliving childhood memories by playing neopets (ikr-.-).

My room is in a bigger mess right now, now that I attempted a spring cleaning but can't be bothered halfway through it.

Post-vietnam depression? I think so. Hope it wears off soon.

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