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December 13, 2010

More snippets!

More vietnam stuff that I left out, because my memory is that bad:

(1) Pottery village

Little vn kids had a filed trip or something.. haha so cute they way walked around the place like this!

The pottery village was interesting because we got to see how simple clay-like things were really made, from pouring chocolate milk into the mould, or slamming a dough on a spinning bowl, to carving out the details, to the amazing intricate drawings, to varnishing and putting them in the oven!

May or may not be in that order..

(2) Pig-rabbit!

From twitter: We were at this soft toy shop in Vietnam and I told Hannah I would only buy if they sold pig-rabbits (from kdrama you're beautiful).. It was like just a random remark, totally out of the blue. Then omg they really sell!!! Damn epic hahaha, we I was damn stunned. Hannah was not amused):


As seen in vietnam

As seen in You're Beautiful

It was like just 8 dollar or something.. damn should have bought it ):

(3) Posh restaurant

We went to this high-class restaurant for 'fine dining' haha! The place was full of ang mohs.. and the menu was too cheem to understand. But it is ridiculously cheap for appetiser, main course and desert! Less than $20 dollars I think.. wth make me feel cheated in Singapore now-.-

Took a wild pick at the dishes, and I'm so glad that I didn't regret any of my choices! Really super delicious omggg. -salivates-

Photo credit to Miss Chua

This is fish, with rice-noodle, both fried and cooked!
(my rather pathetic attempt at naming this dish)

Photo credit to Amy

Oh this one is funny.. it was something like tropical fruits and biscuit with yogurt ice cream. Haha tropical fruits = bits of apple, orange and honeydew, and biscuit = waffle cup!

The appetiser was a tuna pie! Really freaking nice, all the dishes!!! Ahh! I'm hungry again D:


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