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November 13, 2010


Hey guys!

I'm in a really good mood and I totally want to blog.. but I haven't got pictures to blog with!

In summary, what has been happening in my life- END OF OP, class chalet (Y), sleepover, symposium!

But the most important thing is that:

To those who made my seventeenth birthday such a memorable one (L)!

If you know me, I'm not such a big fan of birthdays, especially my own. And I don't see the point of having pages and pages of birthday wishes on one's facebook wall when they don't mean anything at all.

But I guess it's secretly because I don't want to make a big hoo-ha over it, silently wishing for surprises when there will be none, and be disappointed at the end, over and over again.

And that is exactly why this year's birthday was a really sweet one.


During the class chalet's barbeque, I honestly had no idea that my classmates would bother about celebrating it, since everyone had been busy with op and all.

I totally squeeeeee-ed in my heart when a cake was brought out with my name on it (!), and so many people singing a birthday song for me.... felt so sweet and blessed!

I know it may not be such of a big deal to many people, but I really appreciated it. And I really want to thank everyone who made my seventeenth birthday such a memorable one, through the littlest and cutest ways.

Well wishes that mostly went like, 'Happy birthday & JIAYOU FOR OP!'

A cheesecake that was really difficult to cut.


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