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November 17, 2010

Overdue PW entry

Thus marks the end of my pw journey.

Because my teacher cut me off during a sharing session (-.-), I shall pen/type my thoughts here!

It was like a wealth of emotions when PW officially ended with us handing up the bloody (red) GPF and all..

But now I realised I'm just glad that's it's over.

Sidenote: I think it's in me, I ALWAYS just remember all the nice, pleasant memories about things, and like even though this year was a bitch to live in, all I remember is how sweet it was to have people singing a birthday song and like idk, nonsense retarded moments.


When we started out as a group, I remember being ever-so-annoyed with everyone, with how no one ever listens to me. And it was terrible, as if the world was against me and all. The more I tried pushing, the more tiring it got and I realised I didn't really want to give a damn already.

Meetings became kind of pointless when we didn't know what the hell we were doing, think of all the futile trips to national library! Honestly, I don't really know if we/I even did anything until it was a month till the deadline.

When it finally got down to the 'it's now or never' thing, the best/worst in people started to show. Especailly during those hiong googledoc days and nights without sleep.

People got frustrated and started spamming capitals on googletalk.

Those who normally do what they're told started to organise everyone and kept the group on task.

We stopped doing things just for the sake of getting it done, we started to evaluate and question each other, for the sole purpose for creating the perfect WR.

Stuff like, 'people click on my purple box!' and 'xxx WAKE UP!!!!', the sidebar full of orange comment box and mini-convos.. the little things I remember.

After the hectic printing of the cursed WR, it was like a heavy load off our shoulders. I didn't even dare to look at the damn thing (just to check another time), afraid that it'll spoil the pristine image I have of this product, created from hours and hours of hardcore editing and (painful) deleting and re-organising.

Then there was op!

I seriously think OP is a good way to end the torturous PW journey.

As a class, I think we all saw each other's transformation in presentation. (now I sound like some model answer) And it was fun, reviewing and reviewing each other's presentations until we could almost memorise each others' parts it became self-amusing.

Classic quotes!
  • "Just imagine going back in time, LONG time ago (hand gesture!), to your primary school days. The times when you maybe used to play catching with your primary school friends."
  • "Especially in fast paced games where players have to complete the task within a given time (hand gesture!), putting not only the ACCURACY, but also the SPEED to the test."
  • "After knowing this, one of my teammates was panicking, "OMG! So how? What should we do now?"
And of course, in the classroom, all sorts of funny things happen! Hahahahaha.

When it came to the end, we had nothing but sincere, honest good intentions for each other for things to go well, at least for me.

The final day was epic. I was high and friendly and it was the most un-alevel-like exam I think I will ever have. Everyone was so super smiley and happy hahaha influence me to be happy too only!


Thanks to PW, or else I think I would never go beyond talking more than 10 sentences to the guys in my class.. i think? Haha. I don't think I will go so far as to say that the four of us (YES FOUR) have become like best buddies and stuff, but I definitely know them a lot better now(:

My memory is failing me and I can't remember the gloomy times of PW except during those super irritating online convos when I go like, 'blahblahblah GET THIS YOU BLOCKHEAD' and stare at something else other than the screen to simmer down.

Oh and I still remember my record-worthy 27 hours of computer and no sleeping.

To end off, cheers to Project Work, go away and never come back!


P.S. Yes, one more post about chalet and I will clear my blogging debt!

P.P.S. Honestly, I think our project 'Adusoft' is pretty cool leh! I shall think of names for my cutesy girl and guy avatars, haha!

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