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November 07, 2010

I would live here:

I really envy my pet in pet society.


Sometimes I have a compulsive urge to close down my blog, and other places that people get to know what's going on in my brain instead of me actually telling them.

What right do people have to know what's going on in my life?

There is no doubt that I have hurt people, and people have hurt me through childish ways of anonymity.

A long time ago, I had (many) rants on someone on my blog. It isn't wrong, is it, to blog for the 'noble' cause of simply stating how you feel?

One day, this person came up to me to apologise for what she did.. there was both a moment of confusion and awkwardness, like, 'this wasn't what is was looking for..'.

I realised that while blogging may be a way to vent off unpleasantness, it is open to a wide array of interpretations, where people start to think and take action.

Then one just becomes a cowardly fool who was too afraid to confront someone in the face and instead, resorted to writing in an online diary, hoping no one would chance upon this strange little url in the entire world wide web.

When all I wanted was a space to think.

Often I ask myself why I don't choose to just write in a diary then, a closed vessel, a ranting ground which no one has access to.

I don't have the answer though.

Till then,

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