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November 06, 2010

Hello, my memory


Had a rather enjoyable day when I had thaipan (butter squid yummmms), played bridge, the monopoly card game (which is fun!), explored the esplanade library, walked around the town area for 2 hours (not so fun), and played pool and darts! (:

Beginner's luck ftw!

In contrast, yesterday was just spent watching more than twenty episodes of big bang theory while fixing up my laptop.

I am now proud to say that I have a computer which is working perfectly fine! ^^

Next week is going to be a good week.
Next week is going to be a good week.
Next week is going to be a good week.


Okay, so this is what happened.

Once I was a girl who was perfectly satisfied with her own life, and could only daydream about acquiring a certain materialistic possession. Which was totally fine, as I argued out of my illogical mind that it was only a want (not need) that exists for the sole purpose of distraction.

Then lately, it changed.

Ever since you installed a glimmer of possibility of me in having one of my own (instead of giving envying looks at others'), my perfect little bubble of equilibrium has turned into a state of anarchy. My heart burned with irrational desire.

And then, again and again, you seem to toy and derive evil joy out of this. Giving hope, and taking it back, giving hope, and taking it back.

Reducing me into some kind of delusional person with an imaginary possession. Hours and hours of research due to my inherent fascination with technology.


All I'm saying now is that I'm having no more of such nonsense.

I'm getting it for and BY my birthday and that's that!


Oh now I just sound like a spoiled child.

P.S. My queer language is probably due to an overdose of big bang theory.

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