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November 05, 2010

Emo exterminators

Jeremy has his little secret bus to hide in when he is feeling sad. (You’re beautiful)

I have two things that might not be able to make me less sad, but they let me sort out my thinking and release my sadness (god I sound so emo) so I can be a more cheery person (:

And I’m about to share them with you! (although it’s 2.40am late at night)

Nevermind, on hindsight I write this post when I wake up haha.


#1. Swimming

Was really downcast a few days ago, so after school I went to swim!

Haven't swam in forever.. like maybe 2 months ago or something.

I like how when you're in the waters, everything feels so light, and not being pulled down by anything. When you head goes up to gasp for air, and back down again to bubble it out, the steady rhythm makes it hard to think of anything else.

#2 Singing

Singing is just screaming through song. It's wonderful how much emotion one can put into melodic chords, and that's why I love karaoke especially when I'm feeling down.

After a song, I feel so liberated and light-headed! Which is a good thing (:

Can I mention again that I love singing? :D Whether I'm happy or sad, angry or stressed, singing it out always seems to make things better!

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