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November 20, 2010

Class Chalet 2010 (10 Nov - 12 Nov)

(the photo quality is so bad that I had to photoshop it so now it looks fake)

Shall not drag on this post, or else I won't be able to remember anything anymore. Think this post will turn out forced, oh well.

So, this year’s class chalet was not exactly one that was particularly fun (by my books, think soccer and xbox and guys dunking each other and being stuck in a place for 48 hours), but it was enjoyable nevertheless.

Class barbecue, mahjong and looking at people cook food, and roasting marshmallows (Y). And me cake! :D

#1. The unborn
Watched 'the unborn' on the first day, pretty creepy movie! But it was lame, squeezing on the bed with around ten people, trying to get a glimpse of the tiny laptop screen-.-

#2. Polar bear

Was fun! I'm pretty lucky to get lots of special cards: polar bear, hunter and healer. Even if I didn't it was fun anyway, I simply pretended I was a special card holder and talked a hell lot of nonsense and convinced people to anyhow kill off others, lol. So proud of myself, though I think I was getting over the top..

It was quite amazing how I only got killed once or twice midway through the game, so I got to carry on till the end, where it came to the SHOWDOWN of the four people- 2 polarbears, 1 hunter and 1 commoner. Always so amusing!

This game reminds me of air rifle 09 days):

#3. Movie!
Watched the unstoppable, the whole movie was about people trying to stop the bloody train. Cool movie though, not something that I would usually pay to watch, but it was good anyway.

#4. Bridge! :D
Happy face because I love bridge!! Haha taught like 4-5 people to play, so pleased with myself ^^ Although I am quite a terrible teacher.. Oh and the bridge marathon we had in the middle of the night- more than 10 games I think? Super awesome I like I like (Y) Hahahaha.

And then we played this queen of spades game, can't remember what it's called but it sounded like ong bak (the movie rofl).. ok I am not good at remembering stuff. In any case it was fun! Though people swear like free haha, and I fail at this game, played better when I didn't know what was going on!

#5. Xbox- fusion frenzy or something..
I swear, I cannot play video games at all. For the lack of better things to do at the chalet because everyone was sleeping, (EH CHALET GOT SLEEP ONE MEH!) played xbox, but it was more like any-old-how spamming buttons on the controller.

Being a girl comes at an advantage because guys won't bully you! Lol but there were still people who stole my gems ;( Sob sob.

I show you the lame game!! (googles)

Wl I collect the rockets until happy alr then I realised have to put them at the side T.T Mega fail hahaha.


Okay, so almost all the guys got dunked on the first night, it was epic.

I pretended to sleep sometimes because no one else was awake/ I had nothing better to do fml.

And I walked all the way to downtown east (ooh didn't get lost!) just to get free wifi, only to be caught in the rain and couldn't get back.. so I had to buy subways cookies to camp in there.

There were also slight annoyances which I shall not mention.. BUT ALL IN ALL, this chalet was a good one :D

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