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November 26, 2010

2: On an always-hungry & materialistic me

I am so mega saddened by the amount of things I really would like to have... all these pretty (BUT PRACTICAL!) stuff that I am totally convinced would add value to my life! Haha.

Every time I try to save by saving on food, it ALWAYS FAILS. I am a self-confessed glutton, really. Just this afternoon, after I already had lunch in school, went with eileen and ivan to northpoint for their lunch in this posh japanese place.. looking at them eat was torture!

Took a crazy amount of willpower for me not to buy anything):

But alas, we went to macs to wait for the rain to stop, and I bought: a chocolate ice cream, apple dippers and a mchicken! D: This is like food rampage! In the end spent so much more blah I suck D:



This post shall be a never-ending note for the items that I am eye-candying, haha.

This light blue/ white satchel at eastpoint

Typical brown bag at newlook

Accessorise necklace(s)

Flower-prints plimsoll

Accessorise bag

Cath Kidson Spot Saddle Bag

Cath Kidson Briar Rose Mini Saddle Bag

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