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November 24, 2010

1: On work interests

I don't think I'm going to pursue something I already enjoy doing now, as a job in the future. If you do/don't already know, I like working on websites and powerpoint designs (however geeky that sounds).. although sometimes it's just bombardment of codes that can really blind people.

I think as I start working on projects that require me to do things in this area, I no wonder derive the same kind of enjoyment from them. That sucks because instead of it being something I find fun doing, it's become like a burden. Like when I redesign my blogskin and stuff, I'm not bounded by datelines and requirements by others.

It's equivalent to killing an interest! ):

Sigh, basically that's what I'm feeling now. So overwhelmed argh.


Probably I've lost the drive to do anything, and that is just an excuse. My room is in a complete mess again, and that means I haven't gotten around to sorting out my life properly since op ended. I haven't started packing for vietnam on friday either! D:

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