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October 18, 2010

This is a yunita feature post

Haha yunita you can be my new source for pretty pictures to blog!

The past few days have been spent seated in front of the computer.. staring and staring at the godforsaken WR.

Lyrics from Lenka have kept going all this while, "Oh, we've a long long way to go, to get there, to get there. We'll get there.". How apt, right? SUCH A DAMN LONG WAY TO GO MAN.

Seriously feel like puking from computer overload, other than random short conversations on msn and the phone (solely contributed to my dear girl yunita), as well as amusing incidents on facebook (I don't stalk!!! seriously!)

How to tell that you're using the computer wayyy too excessively:
  • Refresh facebook every 2 mintues and complain about no new posts
  • Number of tumblr reblogs hit a record high
  • Check email every 2 minutes as well
  • Finish playing every single song on my music player (worth 2 gb)
  • Painstakingly sound the hunter's horn every 15 minutes, without fail (for almost 20 hours)
I'm getting really fat. I can't even begin to start on the stuff I ate yesterday (thanks to random comments on soyabean and kfc and HAGEN DAAZ OMG).. kept stuffing food in my tummy even when I wasn't hungry!

Oreo spongecake, icecream float, 2 full bowls of prawn cracker, yakult, jelly, potato chips.. and that's not even counting proper meals- steamboat for dinner, nomnom!


Oh and btw yunita I had to turn off the phone speaker when you called me just now because my brothers were in the room.. -.-

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