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October 09, 2010


I tried to look for a picture that represents lonely and this was the closest I could find.

It's 1.46am, and I just spent the past 3 hours changing my blogskin. Oh, I am such a geek. And one that has absolutely no self-control.. in light of so much other work to be done D:

(To eileen: tried to change the bg to grey but the entire thing became grey incl the letters, so;/)

Today was farewell assembly and open house, and it amazes me that there are actually J2s who stay in school to have fun till late at night. Crazy people. In one year I'll probably be scared like hell about the As.

Farewell asem was entertaining, well at least there weren't any screw-ups (like most of this school's performances). Skits were pretty hilarious. And then there was the pretty weird theme and the ugly powerpoint.

Was in a D: mood throughout anyway. Obviously I shan't delve into details about why, because the answer is pretty obvious.

And I do not like the staff band, period.

Lazed in the range for forever, until open house. Wasn't really a blast but enjoyed myself nevertheless: dance/band performances, mass dance, and FREE MILO. 13 hours in school with nice company.

Made a new imaginary friend called pelly! :D And dinner in thaipan(:

Oh and this amazing balloon thing which I thought was the moon! (No but seriously, at night I was wondering why the moon was so gigantic and right on top of vj.)

credit: lime-sorbet@blogspot


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