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October 22, 2010

Sakae buffet ftw

Haha yesterday was fun(:

After dreaded chinese (of which i should really start studying for), op talk (lousy nonsense), and I went to sakae with hannah! (L)

Haha we went for our own version of class outing because apparently the stupid guys went for pizza hut in the morning and claim it as their class outing EYEER SO D: CAN. Haha couldn't have made it anyway but.. whatever we can have our own outing too hmmph!

(Gotta make the best out of a sucky class tyvm.)

Buffet was awesome! We ate until we were SO VERY FULL. It was like one bowl of udon, one red plate, one pink plate, and 5/6(?) normal plates each! AND ICE CREAM! Hahahaha we are really really greedy people.

We ate the (supposed-to-be) very very yummy maki-sushi-something right at the end.. and you should see our agony! I kept holding up and putting down the chopsticks, it was that bad! And we totally grimaced while munching and swallowing it haha x)

Guess we won't be eating sushi for a while :X

I need to go on a shopping trip soon!

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