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October 13, 2010

Pet peeves

My life currently revolves around these things
  • Dramas: Glee, gossip girl and personal taste (which i just finished!)
  • Mousehunt
  • Promo results
  • Fretting over chinese but doing absolutely nothing about it
  • Fretting over pw but doing absolutely nothing about it
  • Sleeping super late (!) Don't know whether I should call it guilty pleasure because I feel terrible in the morning.. but at least I can sort of afford it now. Hehe (:
Today I was really annoyed by the lack of gentlemen-ly behaviour of guys in school. Don't know whether it's because I watched too many dramas.. but omg seriously why would a whole bunch of guys squeeze though a small pathway right in front of girls trying to get though.

Just imagining it is weird.


I absolutely cannot stand labels, especially when grades are concerned. I know sometimes it's just painfully obvious that someone will get straight As even if he had a concussion right before the exam or something, but I just can't accept the fact that in this school system, these random letters determine our value (in the social aspect).

#1: Attributing high grades of people just because they are smart. Maybe it's because of the way I think, because if you believe people are simply smart (which is something inborn), there's not much to be done about anything at all, right?

I mean like obviously there's a certain extent of how having a high intellectual capacity helps.. just that I tend to overlook it because WE ARE ALL BORN EQUAL ARE WE NOT.

#2: I may sound unreasonable but sometimes an A is an A, not matter whether you get a 70 or a bloody 99.999. I mean like it doesn't even show on your report card, just on the freaking vcsd website. Or maybe if you wanna be the hot topic of the day. So right, if you get a 80+++ and sulk, it is totally justified that you get a punch in the face.

And this is something you should never do: telling someone to be grateful for a high B/C just because they failed the previous exam. So like, what, getting a B/C is now a miracle and it would be so greedy to be aiming for an A? (and especially if you have a high A you ought to be punched too)


Pet peeves aside, I think my overall performance for promos is ME (pw jargon). Relatively pleased with myself but still gotta work harder(:

P.S. Don't you get this fluttering feeling whenever you get an 'A'? (Even if half of the cohort did)

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