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October 29, 2010

Too bad

Oh my god I think my laptop is going to explode soon it's so crazy hot, I can't even rest my hands on it.

I like to read blogs of arts students, somehow they have this sort of witty writing which I will never be capable of.

Oh, I downloaded Taylor Swift's new album yesterday.. wasn't that outstanding. But its nice to listen to nevertheless. I like the song Haunted. The rest just sound the same.

My room needs a makeover after project work. After promos I have totally given up on clearing my stuff (because I need a sparkling clean environment to study in), and now it looks like a dumpster more than anything.

Okay gonna turn this thing off now I am really scared that it's gonna die on me, together with my op slides :O


We could have been pretty good friends, really.

It's just too bad.

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